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Hexagonal Dishes

I made lots of small hexagonal dishes for holding votive candles along with some hexagonal tiles.  All the tiles were raku fired as well as some of the dishes.  I also experimented with placing small pieces of blue glass in each dish before the high fire. I also made some large hexagonal plates.  The black

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Making a Dodecahedron

After the first attempt, I realized that groggy clay is very difficult to carve into and switched to using porcelain.  The first step of the process is rolling out a slab of clay, then cutting out 12 pentagons and cutting the holes.  I bevel and score the edges before building the dodecahedron.  It helps to have

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First Dodecahedron

I love geometric shapes!  This piece was the first decorated dodecahedron I ever made.  It is different than subsequent pieces in that it is made of very dark groggy clay (T2 from Clay Planet) and salt fired.  I also made a series of little pyramids which are raku fired then hung from a piece of

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