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I brought a watercolor set to Yosemite over Thanksgiving and liked the look of using a black pen to define the lines of the drawing and the watercolor paints to fill in the colors. I’m most proud of a painting I gave Jacob for Christmas depicting our airstream amongst Joshua trees at dusk.    

Hexagonal Dishes

I made lots of small hexagonal dishes for holding votive candles along with some hexagonal tiles.  All the tiles were raku fired as well as some of the dishes.  I also experimented with placing small pieces of blue glass in each dish before the high fire. I also made some large hexagonal plates.  The black

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Making a Dodecahedron

After the first attempt, I realized that groggy clay is very difficult to carve into and switched to using porcelain.  The first step of the process is rolling out a slab of clay, then cutting out 12 pentagons and cutting the holes.  I bevel and score the edges before building the dodecahedron.  It helps to have

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First Dodecahedron

I love geometric shapes!  This piece was the first decorated dodecahedron I ever made.  It is different than subsequent pieces in that it is made of very dark groggy clay (T2 from Clay Planet) and salt fired.  I also made a series of little pyramids which are raku fired then hung from a piece of

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Painting Techniques

Painting techniques, which I took during my last semester at Cooper, allowed me to explore the egg tempera, oil, and fresco mediums. We began by preparing wooden tablets to apply tempera paint onto. This was a very labor intensive process which involved applying up to eight layers of a rabbit-skin glue and chalk mixture to

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Casting Techniques

Project I During my last semester at the Cooper Union, I took a casting techniques course which focused on the lost-wax casting process. I gained experience in mold making, obtaining a wax positive (see the wax mug below) from a mold, the investment process, and the actual metal pouring procedure. The first project I made

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