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ASP-DAC’17 – Tokyo, Japan

I presented the paper “Detecting Hardware Trojans in Unspecified Functionality Through Solving Satisfiability Problems” at ASP-DAC 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.  The slides can be found here.  There were several security sessions at ASP-DAC this year.  One topic that came up often in discussion was the need for security metrics.  For hardware, verification is already the bottleneck of

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Rising Stars 2016 – Pittsburgh, PA

I was selected to participate in the EECS Rising Stars Workshop for women considering academic careers.  The workshop was organized by Carnegie Mellon University and held at CMU in Pittsburgh, PA.  Click here to check out the Rising Stars 2016 website. The workshop consisted of career-building activities including Q&A panels with both senior and junior

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VTS’16 – Las Vegas, NV

I participated in the TTTC’s E.J. McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Competition Semi-Final and won 3rd place!  The contest was held at the 34th IEEE VLSI Test Symposium held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  This conference wins for the best tagline, “Without Testing It’s a Gamble.” I gave a 10-minute presentation providing an overview of the contributions my

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DATE’16 – Dresden, Germany

My paper, “Hardware Trojans in Incompletely Specified On-chip Bus Systems“, was accepted to DATE as an “Interactive Presentation”, meaning I gave a 1-minute elevator pitch during a regular paper session and then presented a poster during the coffee break.  Dresden is a beautiful city.  It was cold, but I went running along the Elbe river and got

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I brought a watercolor set to Yosemite over Thanksgiving and liked the look of using a black pen to define the lines of the drawing and the watercolor paints to fill in the colors. I’m most proud of a painting I gave Jacob for Christmas depicting our airstream amongst Joshua trees at dusk.    

ENIGMA’16 – San Francisco, CA

I am a USENIX student member, and saw an advertisement for a new security conference, ENIGMA, in an email.  I applied for a grant encouraging women to attend the conference and received discounted registration and money towards travel expenses!  I am thankful to have been able to attend the very first year of this excellent conference. Unlike

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ICCAD’15 – Austin, TX

I presented the paper “Detecting Hardware Trojans in Unspecified Functionality Using Mutation Testing” at ICCAD 2015 in Austin, TX.  The slides can be found here.  There are quite a few animations, so I kept the slides in pptx form instead of converting to pdf.  There was flooding in Austin several days before the conference (there was no evidence

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ITC’15 – Anaheim, CA

I presented the paper “Hardware Trojans Hidden in RTL Don’t Cares – Automated Insertion and Prevention Methodologies”  at ITC 2015 in Anaheim, CA.  The talk was well attended, and there were a lot of interesting questions and discussion.  A copy of the slides can be found here.  The conference required light text on a dark background, hence

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Hexagonal Dishes

I made lots of small hexagonal dishes for holding votive candles along with some hexagonal tiles.  All the tiles were raku fired as well as some of the dishes.  I also experimented with placing small pieces of blue glass in each dish before the high fire. I also made some large hexagonal plates.  The black

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