ASP-DAC’17 – Tokyo, Japan

I presented the paper “Detecting Hardware Trojans in Unspecified Functionality Through Solving Satisfiability Problems” at ASP-DAC 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.  The slides can be found here.  There were several security sessions at ASP-DAC this year.  One topic that came up often in discussion was the need for security metrics.  For hardware, verification is already the bottleneck of the entire design process.  It is difficult enough to verify core circuit functionality and even more difficult to convince system designers and verification engineers to expend precious resources towards addressing security threats when the attack surface is constantly expanding and the gain from applying security techniques is not quantifiable.

Japan is one of my favorite places to visit and during this trip I also traveled to Kyoto and Osaka via bullet train after the conference!

Traditional Japanese dance and music at the ASP-DAC banquet.

Snowy shrine up in the mountains near Kyoto.

Dontonbori area in Osaka.