ENIGMA’16 – San Francisco, CA


I am a USENIX student member, and saw an advertisement for a new security conference, ENIGMA, in an email.  I applied for a grant encouraging women to attend the conference and received discounted registration and money towards travel expenses!  I am thankful to have been able to attend the very first year of this excellent conference.

Unlike previous conferences I’ve attended, no academic papers are associated with this conference.  The conference consisted of a single track of high quality half hour talks.  The speakers were from both industry and academia, and the talks were technical, but due to the wide range of topics covered in the conference most talks were accessible to non-experts.

Topics covered included automobile and medical device security, usable security, electronic voting, https, firmware security, surveillance, and many more!   Ron Rivest was a surprise speaker on the last day!   I met a lot of interesting people and enjoyed learning about topics outside my research area not normally covered at CAD conferences.


Cool lighting in the room where all the talks took place.