MEAD Cryptographic Engineering Course – Lausanne, Switzerland


Prof. Koc sponsored me to attend this course on Cryptographic Engineering in Lausanne, Switzerland!  The course took place at the EPFL campus.  Topics covered included hardware implementations of public and private key algorithms, physically uncloneable functions (PUFs),  side channel attacks and countermeasures, and random number generator design.

I also decided at the last minute to run an 11 mile trail race with 1 mile vertical elevation gain!  It started in Montreux and ended at the top of Rocher de Naye.  It was one of the most amazing races of my life.  I was a little delirious at the end because of the elevation, but the views were amazing.  The train that we took on the way down from the mountain operated at such a steep grade that it used a ratcheting mechanism!


The last 1/4 mile of the race.


Cool student bar at the EPFL, there is a poke-ball hanging from the ceiling!